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Friday, January 16, 2009

AwAiTing LiTTle You..

Coming into my world, is what I long wait,
Nine months will pass slowly, giving you and me time to relate,
Your arrival will give wings to us, changing couple to sweet family,
Bonding us all in our lifetimes as the two of us become three,
I have read to you lines of poetry to develop your love of verse,
I have sung to you songs and hymns I love, to quench you spiritual thirst...

I have spoken to you of family and the world they mean to me,
All of whom will surround you soon, this beautiful new baby to see,
I have spoken to you of our home and the warmth and love you will bring,
may you always know your importance here and how your laughter will make my heart sing...

I have spoken to you of God, the joy and hope He gives to my heart,
praying that you, toom will discover the richness His love imparts...

Little baby you just can't imagine wondrous blessings as your life begins,
the greatest blessings that will be bestowed upon you, are the blessings of family and friends...